– available as cassette and as digital album with artwork by Joeri Lefèvre


Uncomprimising, raw, instant-composed electro-acoustic music (the ideal hardcore background noise for self-isolation).

live band of the movie soundtrack

The experimental short film ANSAGE ENDE is an artistic reflection on being engaged with the world. Combining fiction and documentary, music and text, this hybrid film calls for a collective and activist approach to the climate crisis. The film won the Best Experimental Award at Rome Independent Cinema Festival and the Climate Award at Cinema Verde, Florida.

Design by Chung-Hang Cheung

“Hisses, drones, cows, snares, frogs, chainsaws, digging machines, anticapitalist slogans; Verena Barié, Gerri Jaeger and Sjoerd Leijten weave together an improvised soundtrack for the film ANSAGE ENDE – a chaotic and poetical call to arms in times of ecological collapse. The concert will be followed by the film.”