Biography – EN

Verena Barie is a recorder player born in Speyer (Germany) in 1994.

In 1998 she started to attend the youth choir in Kaiserslautern, which was soon followed by recorder lessons with Bernhard Stilz in
Saarbrücken, as well as piano lessons in 2003 and Cello lessons in 2005. In 2008 Verena moved to the boarding school “Landesschule Pforta” in Saxony-Anhalt, attending the music department. Within her Abitur degree she got a choir conducting degree (C1), as well. Her recorder lessons with Anja-Meike Möller where followed by enrolling for a Bachelor degree in recorder with Erik Bosgraaf and Jorge Isaac at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in September 2013. Verena attended various master classes for example with Walter van Hauwe, Paul Leenhouts, Michael Schneider, Maurice Steger,  historical improvisation courses.


At the same time she explores contemporary music and especially live electronics with softwares like Max MSP and Ableton Live, as well as (electronic) composition with lessons by Jorrit Tamminga , Wim Henderickx and Joel Bons.

Next to several prices within the competition “Jugend musiziert” in Germany, Verena was awarded with the “Gaudeamus muziekweek prijz” for contemporary music within the “Prinses Christina Concours” in the Netherlands, 2014.