Contemporary Music

Trio .VST

Noise is a girl thing.
.VST are three composers/improvisers who join acoustic and electronic means to create a performance where sound is King.
Queen, actually
The instruments, violin, flute and recorder, enhanced by voice and whatever other sound sources are available, are the main point of departure.
Noise = Sound = .VST =
Into computer
Computer processes
Sound comes out
distorted =
confused =
delayed =
decayed =
depraved =
 Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 15.30.30
Sound is made to follow (as in H. Holliger’s Lied for flute) or create (improvised or pre-cooked) narratives.
Sound is a girl thing.
It tells great stories.




A mixed ensemble of flute, recorder, clarinet, baritone sax & double bass ?

Our program includes pieces by Frederic Rzewski, Jacob ter Veldhuis & Perotin, creating a minimal platform to focus on the differences in the instrumentalists sounds and

Furthermore, 7 compositions have been composed for me in close collaboration with composer colleagues in Amsterdam, Brussels and Antwerp.