Me, and foremost, you

ME, AND FOREMOST, YOU is a transmedial performance, which itself is ever changing. Either in point of view, relationship between and use of different media, or in terms of instrumentation and constellation of performers.Verena_MeandYou

As maker, I let the performance take me on its own path every time we enter a stage. The choices of making it a solo, or invite more performers, using live visuals on the screen, movement and scenography carve out the story I am ready to tell.As recorder player I hold a deep fascination in the flexibility to switch seemingly between old and new sound worlds. Through the Recorder or the Voice fused with, distorted, imitated or contradicted by Live Electronics,I strive to create a vast variety of narratives for the audience to find their own story in.

Very much like the growth of a human being, the performance can be in its playful and overwhelming childhood, or looking back at its story from the comfort of a rocking chair.

As performer-composer I like to communicate with my audience through my artistic work, but also through an intimate discourse after the performance, where I am open to talk about the thematic of my work and shed a light on any questions regarding my artistic choices.

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