Hisses, drones, cows, snares, frogs, chainsaws, digging machines, anticapitalist slogans; Verena Barié, Gerri Jaeger and Sjoerd Leijten weave together an improvised soundtrack for the film ANSAGE ENDE – a chaotic and poetical call to arms in times of ecological collapse. The concert will be followed by the film.


04 x september x 2021 x ab 18.00 Uhr

Niehler Freiheit x Vogelsanger Str. 385B x 50827 Köln

Mit Anmeldung unter baramendederwelt.com II code: rationalxworld

Wir bitten um einen negativen Bürgertest (trotz GGG) um gemeinsam eine entspannte Atmosphäre˙ zu schaffen.

05 x september x ab 15.00 uhr

De Ruimte x Distelweg 83 x 1031 HD Amsterdam

ANSAGE ENDE is a film by Stijn Verhoeff and Sjoerd Leijten.

ANIMISTIC_SYNCHRONIZATION is the live band of the movie soundtrack

Verena Barié x recorders

Gerri Jäger x drums

Sjoerd Leijten x electronics


The experimental short film ANSAGE ENDE is an artistic reflection on being engaged with the world. Combining fiction and documentary, music and text, this hybrid film calls for a collective and activist approach to the climate crisis. The film won the Best Experimental Award at Rome Independent Cinema Festival and the Climate Award at Cinema Verde, Florida.