‘what happens if?’ is the main question spiking my curiosity in creating and performing. Second-guessing my set ideas about cause and effect, may it be in music, performance or gestures. I am intrigued by action and reaction cycles, searching for the affect in the effect and vice versa.


I dive into multidisciplinary as well as interactive audience performance. Believing, that the use of live electronics in music and as interaction tool leads to a re-definition of the traditional composer-performer-audience trajectory, with the effect to share the affect. Involving myself with different art forms and personalities within collaboration grants me a great exchange of thought, ultimately enhancing my individual expertise with a new depth, time and time again. I favor polyphony for Renaissance Consort and hold a deep fascination for collaboration in early and contemporary music. Since my early years I felt most comfortable making music together and this feeling is deepening as I have the pleasure to work with many different and inspiring artists.