Early in my life I found my passion for music reflected in the recorder – the archetypical sound and architecture of the instrument, the intriguing and beautiful  simplicity. Therefore I moved to Amsterdam to study in the Bachelors programme with Erik Bosgraaf and Jorge Isaac in 2013. My enthusiasm for contemporary music and performance grew in Amsterdam’s thriving and diverse performance art scene.

I enjoy creating and improvising, especially with live electronics (Max MSP, Arduino and Ableton Live), as well as composition with lessons by Jorrit Tamminga, Wim Henderickx and Joel Bons. In my master degree in Live Electronics at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with teachers Jos Zwaanenburg, Marcel Wirckx and Jorge Isaac, I am fully focussed on developing multi-disciplinary and interactive audience pieces.

Next to several competition prices in Germany and being awarded with the “Gaudeamus muziekweek prijz” for contemporary music in the Netherlands, I have toured all over Europe (with a quick but not less exciting trip to Mexico) as performer of early as well as contemporary music. The ensembles I am part of include

Queens of Noise

Three improvisers join acoustic and electronic means to create a performance where sound is King; Queen, actually! The instruments violin, flute and recorder, enhanced by voice and whatever other sound sources available, are the main point of departure. Noise is a girl thing. It tells great stories.

The Royal Wind Music

The Royal Wind Music is a unique consort of renaissance recorders founded by Paul Leenhouts. They perform on a collection of instruments made by Adriana Breukink and Bob Marvin that ranges from the twelve-inch sopranino to the sub-contrabass measuring over ten feet. The thirteen members of the ensemble originate from all over the world and performed in Europe and America.

Lagrime Consort

The recorder as a vocal chord is the trademark of our trio. In collaboration with singers, we search for the blend of the melodic lines and text of the renaissance repertoire.


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