Rochus Aust

is an internationally active installation artist, composer, media performer and curator for sound-based arts. Originally trained as a modern and historical trumpeter at the Royal College of Music in London (ARCM) and at the Musikhochschule Trossingen, his horizons were significantly influenced in the direction of modernism by his collaboration with Pierre Boulez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Heinz Holliger and others in the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie (1989-1995).

In the field of improvisation, his collaborations with Jordi Savall (1994), Vinko Globokar (1995) and Albert Mangelsdorff (2003) are outstanding sources of inspiration. Likewise the productions with Vladimir Tarasov (1993 to the present) in the field of interdisciplinary installations and compositions.

Rochus Aust received his first first prize in 1986 at the Int. Trumpet Competition of the Westphalian Music Festival in Hamm, his most recent prize, Digital Music Cultures, will be awarded to him in 2020 for his telephone concerts.
Rochus Aust composes, directs, produces and performs large-scale transmedia and interdisciplinary projects and one-off performances in over 40 countries, including 11 symphonies for electric orchestra.

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