22. November 2023
20.00 hr

23. November 2023
20.00 hr

24. November 2023
20.00 hr

25. November 2023
15.00 hr


chirp.crush – Verena Barié and Sjoerd Leijten – have been creating soundscapes with recorders, guitars, unheard-of instruments and live electronics since 2017. Using breath as a sound generator, chirp.crush creates abstract narratives through multi-layered improvisational and compositional processes. chirp.crush are border crossers between experimental radio play, radio and sound art.

In November 2023 the CD indiscreet_dragons was released under the label TONKUNSTMANUFAKTUR in NRW. Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6 were recorded in Trix Antwerp on 15-17.12.2022. Track 2 is a live concert recording at LTK4 Cologne for SOIRÉE SONIQUE #46 on 28.04.2021. Track 5 was recorded in a rehearsal phase in the Johanneskirche Köln-Brück on 03.09.2021.

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