20. September 2022
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18. March • 13. October 2023
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I have been on the board of the Cologne Society of New Music since 2021. Actively shaping the cultural life of Cologne’s independent scene through musical and artistic events as well as cultural-political commitment are important to me.


From February to November 2022, Dorothee Haddenbruch, Angelika Sheridan and
Verena Barié is continuously working on the KISTE project. Archive boxes were sifted through, cataloged and examined for their musical, artistic and cartographic value.

The 43 boxes unpacked so far contained program booklets, concepts and receipts from the last 60 years, namely the existing records since the third founding of the Kölner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik in 1983. Not all of the archive boxes have been screened yet and the Historical Archive has about two thirds of the total volume. The material viewed led to the ceremonial handover event “Verortung”, at which the kgnm handed over its own archive to the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne, now located at Eifelwall 5.
This cooperation event took place on November 22, 2022 as part of the City Archive’s exhibition operations. We could think of no better place for this than the newly built city archive – whose heart, nicknamed the “treasure house”, was literally crying out for our boxes.


The flautists of the kgnm flute ensemble are new music experts, improvisers and often also composers. The article with the heretical title “When Flutes Kill, published on 26.11.2020 by Helmut Maurós, Süddeutsche Zeitung, prompts us to perform our art together NOW, when the pandemic seems a little sleepy. That’s why the kgnm flautists are coming together to give concerts before they are likely to be banned from the stages again in the fall of 2022 thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.


With “remote”, the Kölner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik resumed its connection to European ensembles and institutions. In this context, four concerts were organized with the partners SPLENDOR (Amsterdam) and the Croatian Composers’ Society (HDS, Zagreb).
The kgnm flöten ensemble plays new music and experimental concept improvisations. The flautists are new music experts, improvisers and often also composers and members of kgnm.


The impetus for founding this extraordinary formation is the return to the values of an association like the kgnm. Through the flöten ensemble project, 14 kgnm members work together as musicians, composers, organizers and supporters to perform and stage new music concerts, forging lasting collegial bonds beyond the association’s radius.

18. November 2022
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