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a sonic reflection between memory and innovation

recorders , organ pipes & electronics

In a concert in Klaipéda (Lithuania) I was announced as a player of “magnetofonai” (cassette recorder) – translated from English “recorder”, which is rarely identified as the instrument “flauto dolce”. This misunderstanding inspired me to conceive “recordari” (to remember, to record) and brings together my artistic practice as a recorder soloist and as an electronic musician.

RECORDARI is an exploration of the diverse possibilities of contemporary music and the search for new forms of expression beyond conventional structures. The works presented encourage us to refresh our thought processes, experience musical memory in space and discover the sonic diversity of our world.

  1. Porcelain Expanding (2020)
    Discover the world of psychoacoustics composed by Marcus Jackson (*1994). This piece, written for two recorders played simultaneously in a generous reverb, deals with microtonal friction and minimal aesthetics. The fragile sounds whisk you away to a vast expanse of contemplation.
  2. SPIRAL (1968)
    Immerse yourself in the almost extraterrestrial sound workshop of Stockhausen’s SPIRAL. Originally conceived for the spherical auditorium of the EXPO 70 world exhibition, this piece fascinates with dynamically improvised electro-acoustic experiments and spatial projection. A timeless, changeable work that challenges and inspires our critical thinking.
  3. FOURsix (1992)
    John Cage opens the doors to indeterminate soundscapes beyond convention. This interpretation with computer-controlled players lets you hear processed field recordings from New Zealand to South Africa. Player 4 lets the magic of the unconventional work through modular organ pipes. The organ pipes were donated to artist Verena Barié by the Johanneskirche in Köln Brück. RECORDARI will visit her old home in June 2024 with new sounds and memories.
  4. AWAY (2009-2018)
    In AWAY, Anne La Berge explores the relationship of musical expression to experiences of separation. The software-guided improvisation of the performers meanders through a 19-note tempered scale based on F 349 Hz and plays around the nuances of the pure sound of the recorder and the purest sound of the sine curve in this random environment. A narrative full of poetry and heartbreaking simplicity.
  5. Dancing with the Inner Silence (2020)
    Experience the melancholy of sounds of memory with Wilma Pistorius. The three-part composition for recorders, playback and live effects opens up our internal world of reflection. A musical bedtime song that speaks to our innermost being.

The program is made possible by the #MusikerZukunft scholarship granted by the German Orchestra Foundation.

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