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recorders , organ pipes & electronics

In a concert in Klaipéda (Lithuania) I was announced as a player of “magnetofonai” (cassette recorder) – translated from English “recorder”, which is rarely identified as the instrument “flauto dolce”. This misunderstanding inspired me to conceive “recordari” (to remember, to record) and brings together my artistic practice as a recorder soloist and as an electronic musician.

In this program, memory/recording is examined in a wide variety of forms. In my arrangement of FOURsix (Cage), field recordings from the countries of the composers Pistorius (South Africa) and Jackson (New Zealand) will be heard via a sampler instrument (programmed by Barié) and thus form a temporal and cartographic bridge between new music composed before my birth and today. SPIRAL (Stockhausen) uses radio short waves that can carry long-range signals to the other side of the world. The soloist receives, imitates and transforms the given events from a shortwave radio using any instruments/voice.

The organ pipes of the installation senza manuale come from the old organ of the Johanneskirche in Cologne-Brück. In June, the pipes return to their home town along with new sounds and engines.

The program is made possible by the #MusikerZukunft scholarship granted by the German Orchestra Foundation.

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